F.S.L.I. PETROL ENERGIE celebrates 33 years of activity

The celebration of 33 years of activity of F.S.L.I. PETROL ENERGIE is truly a special moment. This celebration is based on the strong commitment to the union’s core values such as solidarity, unity and effective communication with its members.

As members, it is you who make this impressive achievement possible. Your strong commitment and dedicated work have ensured the success and growth of F.S.L.I. PETROL ENERGIE over the years.

With such a rich history, F.S.L.I. PETROL ENERGIE has always been a strong voice for the rights of workers in the energy sector, representing and defending their interests through social dialogue and concrete actions. Also, the organization has always been open and ready to collaborate with other trade union organizations, both nationally and internationally, such as CNSLR Fratia, UFS Atlas, IndustriAll European Trade Union and Industriall Global Union in order to promote the interests of its members and common goals.

Social dialogue has been our permanent concern, whether it has materialized at the level of state institutions — the Government, or in the private environment — OMV Group, together with the other commercial companies providing services; representing our constant attention to workers’ rights and improving working conditions.

We are at a crossroads in European industry and economy, with a highly dynamic labor market, a cost of living crisis and two transitions — the green and the digital. All these forces are shaping the world of work and we need to ensure that the result is good quality, green and digital jobs for everyone.

With so many challenges and changes in the energy sector now and in the near future, F.S.L.I. PETROL ENERGIE is well prepared to deal with them and to ensure that workers in the energy sector are well represented and protected. Through its commitment to unity, solidarity and collaboration, the organization is ready to continue its efforts to achieve its ambitious goals for the benefit of workers.

Furthermore, we are convinced that through the continued commitment and determination of the members of F.S.L.I. PETROL ENERGIE will continue to develop and achieve a just ecological transition, ensuring a better future for all workers in the energy sector.

I wish to thank and congratulate the members of F.S.L.I. PETROL ENERGIE for this impressive anniversary!

Florin Bercea
President F.S.L.I. OIL ENERGY